Top 5 Best SEO Plugins For WordPress to Ranking in Google

Top 5 Best SEO Plugins For WordPress
Top 5 Best SEO Plugins For WordPress

Top 5 Best SEO Plugins For WordPress:-

For today, I have assembled top list of recommended WordPress Plugins for SEO. Each plugin works in a different way, so I would suggest choosing and using the ones that best fit for your needs. In this, I have included some free SEO plugins and some premium plugins, so there is something useful here for all. If you think there are any WordPress SEO plugins missing from our list, then tell me, to know them and possibly add them to our collection.

1. Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin                                                                            

Yoast SEO Plugin
Yoast SEO Plugin

WordPress SEO by Yoast is a best free SEO plugin for WordPress. This is a plugin which i m using since beginning. This single plugin takes care of many features of your WordPress blog  SEO. Using SEO by Yoast you can do many things:

  • You can add meta value for your homepage
  • You can add meta value for single post
  • You can do Social SEO easily
  • Create sitemap file
  • You can edit robots.txt and .htaccess directly
  • You can control indexing of your blog quickly

        Download this plugin for free from hereDOWNLOAD

2. SEO Friendly Images                                                                                          

SEO Friendly Images
SEO Friendly Images

This is another best seo plugin for Images. By optimizing your images, you can drive a enough amount of traffic from image search engines. This plugin adds ALT attributes into your images. If you upload images with names like image001.jpeg, I would suggest that you make it a point to start giving your images more useful names right away. For instance, in this post, I have given the name ‘WordPress SEO Plugins’ to the image I used.

        Download this free plugin fromDOWNLOAD

3. All in One SEO                                                                                                    

All in One SEO
All in One SEO

This pluging is best alternative of Seo by Yoast plugin. All in One SEO Pack is, an excellent plugin with a lot of firm supporters. Further, it offers a wider range of settings in some areas, which folk with either specialist requirements. All in One SEO Pack has so many modules.

  • It will determine how canonical URLs are handled
  • You can specify the homepage SEO title and description
  • You can configure title styles for each post type
  • You can sync Google Webmaster Tools with your website
  • Also integrate Google+ and Google Analytics
  •  It has robot.txt generator
  • It has performance optimizer
  • Configure import/export settings

        Download this free plugin fromDOWNLOAD

4. Broken link checker                                                                                           

Broken link checker
Broken link checker

Broken link checker plugin which used to cleaning broken links. It helps in finding & fixing all internal and external broken links (404 error links). These 404 erroe links are nothing but a dead end for search engine spiders, and it’s highly recommendable to remove such links.

      Download this free plugin fromDOWNLOAD

5. SEO Smart Link                                                                                                  

SEO Smart Link
SEO Smart Link

This plugin is also a top worpress user plugin. SEO Smart Link plugin automatically link your words to any post link. This is very useful for on-page seo optimization. By finding your site’s top ranking keywords using the Google webmaster, you can improve your site ranking.

Download this plugin fromDOWNLOAD

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