Top 10 Smallest Country in the World by Population

Smallest Country in the World
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Top 10 Smallest Country in the World by Population

Do you know, What is the smallest country in the World? Don’t know? Let me tell you. Globally, There are lots of countries are exist. In which many are smallest country in the world by population. Some are very tiny and they occupy a super small area. Some of them are inhabited by a couple of families and relatives. So, Today I will share with you a list of Top 10 Smallest Country in the World by Population.

10. Sovereign Military Order of Malta

A tiny state on the territory of Rome, known as The Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The total area occupies three buildings. In which, two of them are located in Rome and the last one located on the island of Malta.

The country has its own currency, stamps, passports, and car numbers. From total population 2 citizens, 13,500 members, 80,000 volunteers, and 42,000 employees are there.

  • Total Population: 135,502
  • Total Area: 0.012
  • Language: Italian

9. Saint Kitts and Nevis

The state is a combination of two islands: Saint Kitts and Nevis. It has the main sources of income, the economic citizenship program that allows anybody who has at least 250,000 US Dollar to invest in the local industry and thus get the citizen of Saint Kitts.

The second approach of getting citizenship is to buy a property value no less than 400,000 U.S. dollar on either of each island.

  • Total Population: 54,821 (2016)
  • Total Area: 261
  • Language: English

8. Palau

Palau is consists of more than 300 islands of various sizes. it’s one of the foremost amazing places on the planet. The most remarkable sight in the country is the lake because of over 2 million jellyfishes are in it.

  • Total Population: 21,503 (2016)
  • Total Area: 459
  • Language: English, Palauan

7. Tuvalu

Tuvalu (the Ellice Islands) is one of the smallest and poorest countries in the world. The economic situation of the tiny state could be even more disastrous if Tuvalu had not been given the Internet domain (.tv), which annually brings millions of dollars to the country’s budget.

  • Total Population: 10,640 (2012)
  • Total Area: 26
  • Language: Tuvaluan, English

6. Nauru

Nauru is the smallest independent republic and the smallest island state on our Earth. It has neither an official capital nor public transportation system, and 25 miles of its roads are used by locals driving their private automobiles.

Environmental issues of the country make terribly less-traveled among tourists. Another record of Nauru is that the obesity rate within the country is over 70 percent.

  • Total Population: 10,084 (2011)
  • Total Area: 21
  • Language: Nauruan

5. Niue

Niue is a small island state in Oceania. Despite the truly amazing views, tourism is not so popular there. Therefore, the country depends greatly on foreign support, especially from New Zealand.

The capital city is just a tiny village with a population of lower than 600 people. But the island has its own airport and a real supermarket which is the one and only in the whole state.

  • Total Population: 1,624 (2016)
  • Total Area: 261.46
  • Language: Niuean, English

4. Principality of Seborga

Principality of Seborga is actually a micronation near the French border. The state has an army that consists of 3 people: One is the Minister of Defense and the other two are border guards.

  • Total Population: 315 (2015)
  • Total Area: 4.91
  • Language: Italian

3. The Republic of Molossia

The Molossia is also a small nation based by Mr. Kevin Baugh, placed in Nevada. The entire population consists of Mr. Baugh and his family.

Republic of Molossia has its the national anthem, flag, and national emblem. They even have the capital punishment for serious crimes.

  • Total Population: 40 (Including Dogs)
  • Total Area: 0.0053
  • Language: English, Esperanto

2. The Principality of Hutt River

Hutt River is also a micronation which is located in the province of the same name in Australia. It was founded by “Leonard Casley”, who declared own farm to be a new and independent state. It has its own currency, stamps, and passports.

  • Total Population: 30
  • Total Area: 75
  • Language: English

1. The Principality of Sealand

The state of Sealand is a sea platform located 6 miles away from the coast of Great Britain. Principality of Sealand is governed by a self-proclaimed Prince Regent, and anyone can become a count, baron, or even a duke.

  • Total Population: 27
  • Total Area: 0.004
  • Language: English

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