Top 10 Interesting Websites to Visit When Bored

Top 10 Interesting websites to visit when bored
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Top 10 Interesting websites to visit when bored

Are you tired of surfing bored websites? Are you bored on the internet?

The Internet is one of the best places to kill your time. Sometimes it is fun to look for interesting websites to visit. It is a treasure trove of websites which can help you kill time when you want. Do you know about cool websites to go to when bored on the internet?

I have awesome stuff to look up sites to visit when bored. Here is a collection of Some super fun websites that kill time and you will enjoy definitely. Now get ready to look up a collection of Top 10 Interesting websites to visit when bored.

10. Rainy Mood

Do you like Rainy season? If ‘Yes’ then definitely you like the awesome Rim-Jhim sound of Rain. Which is pretty good. Rainymood is one of the interesting websites to visit and feel relax.

Rainymood is one of the most popular ambient noise websites on the internet. It is quite self-explanatory. Visit the site and listen to the sound of rain as if it were falling right outside of your window. The slogan is “Rain Makes Everything Better”, especially when listening to music right alongside it.

9. Map Crunch

MapCrunch is for you If you like seeing places you haven’t seen before. It randomly displays a location from Google Maps Street View. Simply click the Go button to find a new place and start exploring the world. Which is the pretty good experience to me? Those people who want to see different places Everytime, this interesting website will help a lot.

8. Giphy

Giphy - Interesting websites to visit

Giphy – Interesting websites to visit (Gif source –

Giphy is the Internet’s search engine for GIFs. If you want to express your word in something without sound that moves for a few seconds and then start all over again then Giphy can help you. I must say you will love it. Even if you have nothing to search for, you can take a look at what’s trending on the front page or spend some time browsing through this interesting websites.

7. Flight Radar 24

Would you like to see flying Plane in real time? You can do via amazing site Flightradar24

Flightradar24 is another popular interesting websites on the net. It gives you access to see all flights around the world at present time. Just click on any known or unknown airport. You may be able to solve missing plane’s mystery. I tell you, you will feel like you are flying in space.

6. Free Rice

For the individuals looking for most attention-grabbing websites to kill their free time, I believe they should undoubtedly prefer this website over everything else as a result of the cause behind it’s quite nice.

Free Rice is a terribly totally different platform and such a unique thought too. So, this is basically a kind of trivia where you’ll be asked queries with multiple selection. Now, whenever you answer properly they people give 10 grains of rice. you’ll be able to really save someone’s life and there’s certainly some information you’ll be gaining here.

5. Staggering Beauty

Staggering Beauty is a website that comes with an epilepsy warning. The toy resembles the blown-air figures you see at used car lots to draw attention. But shake him vigorously and the page suddenly goes psychedelic. This is really interesting websites on the internet.

4. Radiooooo

If you a real music lover like me, Love the variety of sounds then this site made like for you.

Radiooooo is a really well concept. Just click on an era and a location, and start listening to the music that was popular there and then. So, if you click 1950 + United Kingdom, you’ll get a swing track. But 1930 + Australia digs up a folk song. Everyone can enjoy the variety of music on every side of the world. What country you like to play, just click and enjoy the music.

3. Zoom Quilt   

Have you ever seen a zooming image which has infinite zooming effect with no fading quality?

Zoomquilt is an infinitely zooming image that zooms in and in until you realize that there is no end to it. ZoomQuilt is a like moving train, when you’re on a train you see everything passing it you. It’s so simple site but still pretty good for time passing and really interesting too.

2. The Useless Web

This may be one of the most useless websites online right now. The most pointless websites that exist on the internet.

The Useless Web is a completely hysterical place to visit if you are actually feeling bored. To navigate this interesting website, Just open site and Click “Take to me to a Useless site” and boom. it will take you to a random and useless website, which may or may not keep you entertained. You will see funny, weird, interesting websites with every click. It’s really amusing.

1. The Ugly Dance

Are you bored and looking for a way to have fun online? Have you ever seen someone dancing in a funny and ugly way which can laugh you a lot? Wait don’t laugh alone let’s go with me.

The Ugly Dance is my top interesting websites, on No. 1. It is a free website. The site plays Swedish band Fulkultur and gives you a character that moves to the beat.

In the lower left pane you can choose the leg movements and in the lower right pane, you can choose the arm movements. The best thing is you can create a dancing character with your pictures then obtain a unique URL of your character and share it with your friends.

I really love it and also you will love it.

Thanks for visiting – Top 10 Interesting websites to visit when bored. I hope you like it. If any Suggestion or Any query related to this, Comment below I will reply definitely.

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