Top 10 Tallest Man in the World : You Won’t Believe

Top 10 Tallest Man In The World

Top 10 Tallest Man In The World

Nature has given innumerable huge examples of living beings with totally different shapes and sizes. Being taller is one of the superb qualities that depend on our daily routine as well as our hereditary. It puts a good impression on the individuals they meet every other day. However, many such people on the world have crossed the limit of being ordinary tall.

The height is necessary in each field particularly in navy and armed forces forces. There are several men found worldwide WHO are having an incredible height due to which they have been recognized amongst the tallest man. Here is a list of Top 10 Tallest Man In The World.

1. Robert Wadlow

Robert Wadlow - Tallest man in the world
Robert Wadlow (

Robert Wadlow was the person from America has ranked #1 tallest person in history with the longest height 8 ft 11.1 in (272 cm). Robert’s huge size and his amazing growth in adult age were due to hyperplasia of the pituitary gland, that results in an extraordinarily high level of human growth hormone.

2. John Rogan

John Rogan - Top 10 Tallest man in the world)
John Rogan (travsd)

John Rogan was the second highest tallest person with 8 ft 9 in (267 cm) Height in the history. John Rogan is the tallest person in the African community. Rogan is the son of William Rogan, who was a former slave in Tennessee US. John began to grow very fast at the 13, due to ankylosis disease. He could not walk or stand at all because of ankylosis.

3. John F. Carroll

John F. Carroll - Top 10 Tallest man in the world
John F. Carroll (

John Rogan was the 3rd highest person in the history with 8 ft 7¾ in (263.5 cm). He was born in buffalo Newyork. His hilarious growth started at age of 16, until his death. He had also run a campaign for alderman of the district and lost by some votes.

4. Leonid Stadnyk

Leonid Stadnyk - Top 10 Tallest man in the world
Leonid Stadnyk (

Leonid Stadnyk was the fourth person with 8 ft 5 in (257 cm) height in the History of the world. Leonid was born in the soviet union and died in Ukraine. His pituitary gland causes the secrete large amount of growth hormone this resulted in acromegalic gigantism as doctors described.

5. Vaino Myllyrinne

Vaino Myllyrinne - Top 10 Tallest man in the world
Vaino Myllyrinne (

Väinö myllyrinne was the fifth amazing growth person with 8 ft 3 in (251 cm) height and He was born in Finland. the best thing is he was served his life to the Finland Defence Forces. At the age of 54 in 1962 was died in Helsinki, Finland.

6. Edouard Beaupre

Edouard Beaupre - Top 10 Tallest man in the world
Edouard Beaupre (

The sixth longest height person was Edouard Beaupre. He was 8 ft 3 in (251 cm) tallest person in the history. He was born in 1881 and died in 1904 at the age of 23. He was a multi-talented person. Edouard Beaupre was freak show giant, wrestler, and a star in Barnum and Bailey’s circus.

7. Sultan Kosen

Sultan Kosen - Top 10 Tallest man in the world
Sultan Kosen (

Sultan Kosen was a Kurdish farmer holds the world record of seventh tallest man. He was 8 ft 3 in (251 cm) tall in height. His tumour affected pituitary gland to growth. He had not completed his education because of height so he was started worked as a farmer. He was born on 1982 and he is still alive enjoying his great life.

8. Vikas Uppal

Vikas Uppal - Top 10 Tallest man in the world
Vikas Uppal (

Vikas Uppal was the Indian resident tallest person with 8 ft 2 in (249 cm) Height. He was photographed for the News Paper “THE HINDU” at the rally held by the Indian National Lok Dal. He died during the failed tumour operation in 2007 in Delhi.

9. Don Koehler

Don Koehler - Top 10 Tallest man in the world
Don Koehler (

Don Koehler was born in 1925 and recorded himself as a 9th tallest person in the world with 8 ft 2 in (249 cm) Height. At the age of 10, he started abnormal growth. he was suffering from the medical condition kyphosis and died in 1981 in Chicago.

10. Bernard Coyne

Bernard Coyne - Top 10 Tallest man in the world
Bernard Coyne (

Bernard Coyne has reached a height of 8 ft 2 in (249 cm) and written his name in The Guinness Book of World Records. He refused by The Army. He was suffered from a condition known as Daddy Long-Legs Syndrome. He died because of hardening of the Liver and Glandular Disorder in 1921.

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  1. Remember, the height of Vikas “Vicky” Uppal was unofficial due to a lotta controversial speculations & sources which leaves 3 cases as unverified, contested, & disputed. :-0 Sadly, 10 years ago the failed operation killed this cool, sexy-faced, & quite handsome Indian at a pretty young age. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 I wish the surgical complications hadn’t happened. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 I wish the Indian government had helped with the treatment & surgery costs for this youth who came from a poor family. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 Sorry for my sadness.

    • Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate you feelings for Vikas Uppal,and also feel bad about his failed operation.


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