Top 10 Mobile Technologies to Watch in 2022


With the passage of time, we have seen mobile technology trends evolve so much. But what do these mobile technology trends look like in 2021?

In the past year 2020, due to the COVID-19 spell, we have lived most of our time on our cellphones. From grocery shopping to ordering food to take online classes, the world saw a massive adoption of mobile technology.

Regardless of your occupation, learning mobile technology is a must-must. Whether you are a mobile app developer or a college student, mobile technologies can be equally beneficial for you. Knowing where the technology is headed will keep you all prepared for the future.

Let’s now have a look at what mobile technologies we can witness in the future.

1. Instant Apps for the Android Users

Android instant applications are one of the many mobile technologies you would say hello to in 2021. These instant apps are software that enables the users to test run a native android application without having to install it.

These include the following:
1. Skyscanner
2. Red Bull TV
3. NYTimes Crossword
4. Buzzfeed
5. Onefootball

2. Cloud-based Mobile Applications

According to industry experts, cloud-based applications will be a big hit in 2021. Not only for the users, but even the businessmen also claim that these cloud-based applications such as Dropbox and Google Drive have helped them with their IT strategies.

These cloud-based applications run on a cloud operating system. It ensures smooth data sharing and security. Some application that uses the cloud-based technology are:
1. Twitter
2. Google
3. YouTube

3. Artificial Intelligence

With each passing year, we get a step closer to robots being a part of our everyday life. However, we are still not fully there. There have been some advances in artificial intelligence, mainly in the telephonic industry.

Examples of artificial intelligence in the telephonic industry:
1. Siri
2. Google Assistant
3. Alexa
4. Cortana

These advancements can be seen in regular mobile applications too. Such as face and speech recognition features are some of the few artificial intelligence enhancements.


4. Healthcare Focused Application

The world is moving towards a healthier and better society. To stay in the run, mobile developers too introduced different healthcare-focused applications. These applications benefit both; the health professionals and people who are health conscious.

Some examples of healthcare-focused software are:
1. Fitness bracelets
2. Smartwatches
3. Healthcare monitors.


5. Cross-Platform Development

Cross-Platform Mobile applications are the new advancements in the mobile technology world. Application developers launching their app for Android and iOS devices can soon take advantage of cross-platform development.

It is very important for an application to be available on only one platform and not on the other. Since these require high costs, previously businesses were a little reluctant to launch their businesses on both platforms. However, today launching on just one platform is not feasible.

Businesses had to build two different applications. But thanks to cross-platform development, businesses can now run on both platforms. Some examples of cross-platform development are:

1. Chrome
2. OpenOffice
3. Adobe Reader
4. Apache
5. Thunderbird

6. Applications for Foldable Devices

Foldable phones were in fashion back then. However, they are coming back to the world today. Samsung recently introduced the Samsung Galaxy Fold while other devices are still on their way.
In the Android developer’s summit 2018, Android phones claimed that it supports foldable devices continuing screen API. Samsung has already adapted to this change. Apple is also on the list in adopting this new trend as it has been working on a foldable device. So be ready to see foldable devices from Apple soon.
The bigger display is helpful for application designers as it guarantees a profoundly vivid encounter for its clients. This is especially obvious on account of gaming and e-Commerce applications as the presentation size would straightforwardly identify with the client experience.

7. IoT for Smart Devices

Most of you must have seen many interconnected devices; thanks to the IoT industry. Different wearable watches to home appliances, IoT has enabled the devices to stay connected through the internet.

For instance,  Fitbit. The company focused on wearable devices that helped the development process of mobile applications i.e. integration of phones with other smart devices. Moreover, android and iOS applications are under construction and we would soon get to experience these apps integrated with other devices such as wearable bands.

8. Reality or Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality requires something that has a touch of realness. For example, different filters on Snapchat and Instagram.

Most mobile companies use this to generate revenue. Pokémon Go, a game that took the internet by storm fits best under the example of augmented reality. Did you know that this game had over 800 million downloads?

Many mobile companies are now adopting augmenting reality in their businesses like Snapchat, Instagram, and Pokémon Go. This will increase their revenue, downloads, and brand awareness.

9. Mobile Payments

Another trend to look out for is online mobile payments. Mobile security has improved over the years that caused a rise in revenue for app developers too. There are different mobile payment modes commonly used known for their advancement and ease:

1. Different bank apps
2. Google pay
3. Apple pay
4. Samsung pay
5. PayPal

10. Virtual Reality

If anything, virtual reality will grow in 2021. Since these applications do not require a phone or a tablet, the advancements take a little time. However, it is said that people would eventually adapt to this and start using goggles or helmets. Each user would have a separate controller that could be paired with the mobile applications.


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